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Runoff Calculator
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Stormwater runoff occurs when rainfall is not absorbed by the ground, resulting in water pooling and flowing over the surface (flooding).
Runoff occurs when rainfall is so intense it exceeds the surface's ability to absorb water like when "it is raining cats and dogs."
During heavy rainfall or back-to-back storms, the ground may be unable to absorb water because it is saturated, having already absorbed too much.

Some surfaces like the concrete in driveways and parking lots shed nearly all the rainfall they receive because they are impervious.
Runoff can be reduced with
rain barrels Blue Rain Barrel and rain gardens
You can use the Runoff Calculator to see how much rain gardens and rain barrels could reduce your annual runoff.
Rain gardens reduce runoff, are drought tolerant, improve curb appeal, and add habitat Small Butterfly
Car stuck in flooding
The Rain Garden Bot helps you pick plants for your rain garden based on your preferences, climate, and flower color choices.
Find something more attractive, drought-resistant, and appealing to wildlife with the Bot.

It's like a dating site...for your yard.
Reducing runoff saves energy through reduced wastewater treatment of stormwater AND by reusing captured runoff for irrigation.
Learn about the water-energy nexus in's Lab.